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City of Sweet Home
Water Conservation Tips & Information
Conservation Information
Michael J. Adams
Public Works Director

1140 12th Avenue
Sweet Home, OR  97386

(541) 367-6243 x 244
(541) 367-5113

8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday
The City of Sweet Home encourages efficient use of water in the community.  The conservation information and tips listed here are for informational purposes only and should be viewed accordingly. Actual conservation amounts will vary amongst user and methods incorporated.   

Conservation Tips Newsletter 

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Conservation Information
The City of Sweet Home has recently adopted a Water Management and Conservation Plan (WMCP) in which Sweet Home must have a program for supplier financed retrofitting or replacement of existing inefficient water using fixtures, including distribution of residential conservation kits and rebates for customer investments in water conservation.  Below are a few links to potential resources: 

Energy Trust of Oregon 

Residential Energy Tax Credit Program 

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Sweet Home City Hall, 1140 12th Avenue, Sweet Home, OR 97386, Ph: (541) 367-5128, Fax (541) 367-5113