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SLRP Program
Sewer Lateral Replacement Program (SLRP)
The purpose of this project is to reduce the amount of inflow from stormwater runoff and infiltration of groundwater that enters the City’s wastewater sanitary sewer system.  This extra wet weather flow burden is called inflow and infiltration (I/I).  The level of I/I in Sweet Home is so severe during heavy storms that flows will occasionally exceed the capacity of the sewer system and treatment plant, thereby resulting in potential overflows of untreated sewage to the South Santiam River potentially several times each wet season on average.  

In the past ten (10) years or so, the City of Sweet Home has completed multiple rehabilitation and/or replacement projects to the overall sanitary sewer system in an effort to reduce the amount of I/I entering the system and to gain compliance with environmental regulations.  Unfortunately however, defects on private building sewer service laterals have been proven to be a major source of excessive I/I and consequently more work needs to be completed to this particular part of the system in order for the system to gain compliance.  

Given the projects to date are primarily funded by ALL rate payers, the City is interested in providing opportunities to property owners who have not been part of previous projects to partake in funding support of their individual property(s).  This program is intended to be available to any/all properties that have not been part of previous larger City projects, and will remain in place as long as funding is available and/or City Council continues with the project.  It is subject to end at any time and for any reason!  

Program Forms and Information
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